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The Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic

Professor Adam Maciejewski PhD, MSc



phone: +48 32 278 84 17
fax. +48 32 278 81 99


The Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic is a part of the Oncology Center’s modern complex of Clinics. The surgery team is made up of 25 surgeons trained in the leading centers in the country and abroad and a 15- member team of anaesthesologists , who represent the highest level professionalism. The Clinic is located in the Oncology Center’s new building, which has 100 hospital beds in double and 3- person rooms with en-suite bathrooms.  Patients can make use of telephones, TV rooms, WiFi internet, enjoy priestly care and daily visits from friends and relatives. The Operating Suite, with 6 operation theatres is equipped with the most up to date medical apparatus, which places the clinic among the most well equipped hospitals in Poland and in Europe. The Operating Suite is connected to the Intensive Medical Care Department. Clinical activity is conducted in co-operation with several oncology centers in Poland and throughout the world and which is based on the newest, acknowledged schemas concerning therapeutic procedures.  At the same time new treatment methods are mplemented, which take a innovatory and experimental character (for example: two first face transplants in Poland). The subject of particular interest is the combined treatment of neoplasm diseases, which ensures the best treatment results, and reconstruction after surgery. The results are closely monitored and compared with the results of other centers. Within the scale of the country we specialize in the treatment of thyroid carcinomas with in the application of modern methods of molecular diagnostics. In neoplasms of the head and neck we perform unique, within the scale of the country, micro-surgery with reconstruction. As the first in Silesia, we improved the combined treatment of rectum cancer and our results are the best in Poland. In the treatment of breast cancer we offer our patients the possibility of „saving” treatment (the breast is not removed) and for the reconstruction of the breast. We apply modern methods of surgery to alimentary tract diseases, tumors of soft tissue and neoplasms located in other places in the body. Therapeutic decisions are made by specialists in various areas of oncology within the framework of organ teams, and in selected cases via Inter Institute Councils.A qualified team of oncologic nurses ensures the continuous and professional care of patients during the course of treatment. Patients, who require physical therapy after surgery are professionally cared for in the Clinic. Patients, following treatment, are in the system of control in the Outpatients Clinic. The continuous improvement of medical knowledge and of practical skills, as well as, the experience of the team, gained from years of work with patients, ensures professional help with the realm of human warmth and understanding.