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Internet access

All the registered patients and inpatients of the Cancer Centre in Gliwice may use free Internet via a wireless or wired network infrastructure.
  • Network ID (SSID): pacjenci
  • Password: WiFi_p@c
  • Specific username is medical patient identifier (MIP)
  • Unique password is the user 's date of birth in the format  YYYYMMDD


 Patients must not:
Try to access the Internet using a username other than their own, or bypass network firewalls (e.g. change the MAC address of the network card, change the IP address allocated by the DHCP server)
Use the system for illegal activities, including uploading and sharing of contents prohibited by law or commonly considered offensive

Publish advertising contents or use applications such as peer--to–peer, spread viruses or malicious software that can harm or interfere with the equipment of the Institute or other network users

Use the Internet in a manner disruptive to other patients or which interferes with performance of duties by the Institute medical personnel, or leave the equipment logged in when it is not used by the patient.

The patient assumes full legal and financial responsibility for any damage caused to other persons or entities in connection with the use of a shared him at the Institute of the Internet, as well as for damage caused by others, which allowed the use of the powers conferred on access to the Internet. The Institute is not responsible for the acts and damages caused by patients in connection with the use of them with access to the Internet .