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Zbigniew Gawlik

tel.: +48 32 278 91 34

The Oncology Institute has a reserve oil boiling house with a power level of over 10 MW, which ensures the constant supply of heat.
Incinerating plant for medical waste, termically destructs hospital waste by the pyrolysis method (thermal decomposition) with the application of appliances from the series HOVAL GG7. The technological process for the pyrolitic destruction of waste  starts in the pyrolitisation chamber, in which the waste undergoes gasification at a temperature of app. 650°C, with limited access of oxygen. In these conditions the waste is dried, gases are extracted and the waste is incinerated.

The unit burns medical waste from the Oncology Institute and from outside suppliers. The unit has signed contracts for the supply of waste with app. 200 private physicians.

The incineration plant is a modern object, which meets the norms set out for environmental protection. In the pyrolysis appliances, gases hold for a long period of time the temperature of  650°C. In the second stage the temperature of 1200°C in the  thermo-reactor causes decomposition of the complex chemical compounds, which ensures the biological cleanliness of emissions. Before the gases enter the chimney they are cleaned with highly efficient cleaning equipment.