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Marian Krumpolc

tel.: +48 32 278 91 25

The laundry of the Oncology Institute washes in water and disinfects linen and overalls according to the requirements and recommendations set out by the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance, as well as the State Office for Hygiene /Państwowy Zakład Higieny/. It meets all norms concerning the quality and protection of environment.
The laundry is equipped with modern appliances from the best known manufacturers:

Tunnel washing machine LAVATEC LT - 25 / 11 
Washing machine & centrifuges D´HODGE SENIOR 
Water squeezing press LAVAPRESS LP-571 
Dryer & spreader TT 735 
Dryers FL 623 
Tri-trugh press LAVAROLL LR 3x800x3000 
Mangle inserting machine Jenfeed Basic 
Folding machines Jenssen CAROLINE and MULTILINE 
Whirling press DUPRESS G-2BN62

The technological regime of the laundry ensures very good results of laundering and it meets the norms required for environment protection. We make use of washing media from the following company: 
Ecolab, which has certification from the State Office for Hygiene (Państwowy Zakład Higieny), which ensures a high standard of laundering..

Since 1997 we perform professional laundering services for health care units:

centers of social assistance 
outpatients clinics

We ensure:

The laundering of linen and overalls according to the requirements specified in the  Minister for Health and Social Assistance’s Decree, dated  21. 09. 19992 
The washing and disinfection of linen and overalls in washing media recommeneded by the  State Office for Hygiene (Państwowy Zakład Higieny).
The sterilisation of linen and overalls (with the cooperation of the Central Sterilisation Unit)