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Agnieszka Sorychta

tel.: +48 32 278 91 11

The Institute is equipped with its own kitchen, which ensures that the patients are well fed. The kitchen is in a position to prepare 1400 meals a day. It is located in the Institute’s new building, it is a modern object, equipped with appliances from the firm Electrolux. The kitchen operates under the tablet system, in accordance with the recommendations set out by the Institute for Nourishment and Food (Instytut Żywienia i Żywności) in Warsaw.

The kitchen supplies Clinics with meals for patients as well as the café with a buffet, ready meals, bread and cakes. Having its’ own bakery ensures a constant supply of fresh bread. The kitchen also manufactures meals for external customers.

Within the area of the Nutritional Department, there is a banqueting-hall with 40 places, with a sanitary base, and a canteen with 250 places, where are conventions, symposia and scientific workshops are organised.
Upon the request of our clients we are able to organise weddings, communion receptions, customary parties a hundred days before school-leaving examinations and carnival parties. The kitchen also caters delicious, cheap meals for the collective and for individual external clients.
We warmly invite you to co-operate and to make use of our services.