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The Office of Scientific Research

dr Aleksander Sochanik

telephone: +48 32 278 9677  
The Office of Scientific Research (OSR) offers suport for many aspects of  scientific investigations conducted at the Gliwice Center.
More specifically, OSR provides support for:
  • nationally and internationally-funded research proposals: factual and office assistance in submitting and implementing project proposals formulated by researchers in response to calls from various international agencies, but especially from those supported by European Commission resources (e.g. Horizon 2020). 
          (Aleksander Sochanik, Ph. D., Telephone +48 32 278 9677, E-mail:
  • managing funded research grants: administrative management of research grants and other scientific projects with external financial support implemented at the Gliwice Center
         (Maria Maor, M.S., Telephone +48 32 278 8655, E-mail:
  • accounting of research activities: Administrative supervision of Scientific Master Plan implementation at the Gliwice Center; annual reporting of scientific activities, coordination of research cooperation with external institutions
        (Aleksandra Miodońska, M.S., Telephone +48 32 278 9824, E-mail:
  • clinical trials and bioethics commission: supervision and coordination of legal, administrative and financial issues concerning clinical studies conducted at the Center; administrative management of Bioethics’ Commission works
         (Ewa Początek-Gwóźdź, M.S., Telephone +48 32 278 9812, E-mail
  • scientific library activities: The Office of Scientific Research includes the Center’s Library which owns a large collection of scientific books and periodicals. The Library makes available its printed and digital resources, including an extensive collection of research works published by investigators from the Gliwice Center.  
         (Alicja Wójcik, Telephone: +48 32 278 9697, E-mail:

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