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Department of Epidemiology and Silesia Cancer Registry


Andrzej Tukiendorf, Ph.D.



tel. +48 32 278 96 64


Present direction and research projects 

The main activity of the Department is processing and analysis of the data on cancer incidence and death in Silesia Voivodeship mainly for the most frequent cancer sites among men and women (among men: lung, the prostate gland, urinary bladder cancer and women: breast, ovary, cervix uteri and thyroid cancer)  in cooperation with various institutions in the Silesian Region (local governments, hospitals, voivodeships and district authorities, scientific institutes. Examples of the epidemiological use of the data include studies of variation in cancer occurrence and risk distribution between different areas of the Silesia Voivodeship or over time.
RSCR is one of the 16 population-based cancer registries in Poland, covering a residential population living nowadays in the Silesia Voivodeship. It was founded at the Institute of Oncology Gliwice Branch as a special service for collecting and processing data on cancer incidence. Together with data on cancer deaths, the information collected by the registry is used to produce statistics about cancer incidence, mortality and survival. It is a unique data resource for current and future research in cancer epidemiology.
The data collected in the Silesia Cancer Registry are accessible to Silesian medical community, investigators or general public by