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dr n. med. Dr Aleksandra Garbusińska, MD, PhD

Contact details
phone: 32 278 92 30 (Head)
           32 278 92 31, 32 278 92 26
tel. mobile: 662 230 407

The Central Sterilisation Unit contains the following:
  • Central Sterilization Room, provides services in the field of sterilization of medical products: surgical instruments, equipment and textile products - for the organizational units of the Institute and for external entities under specific  contracts,
  • Bed Station, where tasks related to washing and disinfecting hospital beds are carried out, along with equipment and small medical equipment - for the organizational units of the Institute.
Working hours

Receipt of sterilization equipment and delivery of sterilized packets to external contractors takes place during the working hours of the Central Sterilization Room, i.e .:
from Monday to Friday - 7:30 to 11:00 and 15:00 to 16:00,
on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays the Central Sterilization Unit is not working.


The sterilization room is designed in a three-part system - dirty, clean and sterile zones. The spatial arrangement ensures that the progressive movement of medical instruments and equipment is maintained from the receipt to the delivery of sterile material. A model of full centralization of sterilization technology was adopted.
The Central Sterilization Room is equipped with pass-through devices for cleaning and disinfecting tools and medical equipment.

Sterilization is carried out using the following methods:
- high-temperature - at 134 ° C, in pass-through steam sterilizers,
- low-temperature, ethylene oxide - at 55 ° C, in a pass-through sterilizer with an aerator, enabling active aeration of the sterilized packets.

Quality Policy

Sterilization processes are routinely monitored and periodically validated in accordance with PN-EN ISO 17665-1, PN-EN 285 and the Regulation of the Minister of Health on Good Manufacturing Practice. Documentation of performed procedures is archived.